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Copdel, Inc.
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The Protecteur Series
Your first line of defence for operational marine oil spills


oilspill4.gif (29340 octets)The great majority of tanker oil spills happen while an oil tanker is at dock.  This is the reason why Copdel has developped the Protecteur Series equipment.

The Protecteur is a revolutionary remote controlled oil spill containment system. Once in the water it is activated in a matter of minutes by one operator standing on the dock. It instantly creates an oil-tight pool confining oil spills between the ship's hull and the dock's face or in between two ships.

dockside.gif (4864 octets)For oil transfer facilities, this represents considerable savings on time, manpower, equipment, maintenance and training, compared to old fashioned countermeasures equipment and techniques requiring conventional booms, watercraft and standby contractors.

Moreover, the Protecteur allows a quicker departure of tankers, meaning less idle time in port, thus increasing tanker turnaround times and profitability.


Ser300.jpg (12630 octets) 300 Series
(Accordion type)

Sliding on an H-beam down to the water level, it is remotely activated by a triggering mechanism.   Imagine 85 lbs of spring pressure in addition to 500 lbs of magnetic grip!
Ser400.jpg (13284 octets) 400 Series
(Scissor type)

Free-floating unit requiring no H-beam installation. Ideal for fullface dockside and for ship-to-ship oil transfers.
Ser500.jpg (9077 octets) 500 Series
(Floating Magnetic Head)

Floating Magnetic Head system with tension up to 1000 lbs.  Self-floating, it is used in combination with equipment such as conventional oil booms to complete the containment system.

For more information and details don't forget to take a look at our FAQ page.


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